Women’s Workout Outfits That Make a Fashion Statement

What better way to start Summer 2024 than by putting on a stylish yet functional workout set, along with maybe fulfilling your resolution to get fit back at the start of the year? However, if you’re anything like us, exercising and sportswear go hand-in-hand.

Some even claim that donning the greatest athletic apparel available on the market ignites motivation. So let’s discuss the hottest women’s workout outfits and fits available for summertime!

The Newest Trends of Workout Womenswear

With new trends in fitness emerging every day—from dance and barre to cult favorites like boot camps and spin classes—the world of fitness can seem overwhelming. What should you wear for which class?

  • Different Uniforms for Different Classes: The type of fitness regimen will help dictate the different women’s workout outfits you should choose for them. Some fitness trends, like yoga, has their coinciding uniform in the form of yoga pants and spandex plus crop tops.
  • Comfortable Clothes for Freedom of Movement: You want to wear something super comfy and non-constrictive to give you freedom of movement while also looking good while working out. Pick out some slouchy socks from Skims and a cap-sleeve sports bra by Live.
  • Which Specific Brands Should You Get? There are also plenty of options brand-wise, ranging from more recent activewear labels like Girlfriend Collective to more established names like Nike and Adidas. They have outfit sets that do the picking for you.
  • Walking and Running as well as Yoga: Are you going for a walk or a run? A stylish option is a set from Tory Sport. There’s also Alo Yoga’s matching bra and leggings are perfect for hitting downward dogs and cobras when you’re trying to find your zen at yoga.
  • From Pilates to HIT Classes: Wear a matching bra and bike shorts (like shorts from Outdoor Voices) to the stylish pilates class. Don’t forget your grip socks. For high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes like spin and bootcamps, where the heart rate is high, sweat-resistant materials and a matching track jacket are ideal.
  • Shabby Chic Options for Workout Womenswear? You can get away with a worn-out crop top if you have some sportswear underneath, like spandex and long leggings for that aerobics class look. You don’t need to pay thousands more for fashion in addition to your gym membership fees.
  • Stay Hydrated with Pour Caddy: Remember to stay hydrated during your workout with a Pour Caddy. This innovative stainless steel flask keeps your drink cold and ensures you have easy access to your drink, whether you’re doing yoga, HIIT, or a casual run, keeping you refreshed and energized. For extra cool points, I suggest getting the Passion Pink flask or the Glory Red variation.

Getting into the Nitty-Gritty

Shop for fitness womenswear that specifically coincides with the season. For example, last Winter 2023, you were all about finding your favorite ski brands’ puffer goggles and other slope-friendly apparel.

The hardest part is done once you’ve chosen your daily workout. After you’ve reserved a spot in the class, the enjoyable part starts: getting dressed. What should you wear as far as workout outfits are concerned? Get the insider’s guide to fashion and shopping recommendations right here.

Metallic Gold Outfits: Making Casual Look Classy

In 2024, get ready to stun everybody with metallics as it takes the fashion limelight these days. Along with sequins and everything shimmering, metallic gold outfits are spot on. Get ready to feel more confident and voguish with these casual but classy fashion ideas. 

  • Choose a handbag that matches your shoes. 

Twinning may be a styling trick that many people do for decades. But, believe it or not, it still works impeccably. If you want to look and feel better in your casual outfits, all you have to do is add two gold pieces – a handbag and a pair of shoes. 

  • Pair metallic trousers with a casual denim jacket.  

A dark denim jacket and metallic trousers combo is a must-try. Saying that it is an alluring combo is an understatement. All you have to do is keep your shoes, top, and accessories simple. Your metallic trousers should own the spotlight. 

  • Opt for shades of beige when wearing metallic gold.

Wearing gold during the day is not as effortless as wearing silver. But, gold is a show stopper when paired with warm brown, white, and beige. If you are a bit hesitant about it, start small. Grab a gold statement clutch that goes with your ordinary outfit.     

  • Add a metallic statement piece on your casuals.

If you decide to wear a metallic top, be sure to pair it with a contrasting bottom. But, if you are a fashion newbie,  work on texture first by adding an accent piece. A metallic corset is a good start.  

  • Style sequins with a cozy overcoat.

In fashion, opposites attract. The sparkling glam of a sequined dress or midi skirt can be balanced out by a comfortable knit. Accessorize with a handbag and black pumps to look fancy. 

  • Know the “bold with bold” rule. 

To make your metallic pair of boots stand out without losing balance, match it with equally bold pieces. Wear dark-colored pants, or tops with busy patterns. All these pieces make the boots blend seamlessly with the overall outfit. 

  • Try a gold or silver lame’ in place of sequins.

If you don’t feel like wearing a sequined dress for casual days, try gold or silver lame’. As a fabric that interweaves metallic threads, lame’ has a more delicate shine as compared to sequins. It makes you feel less bold and understated. Unlike leather and sequins, it can be paired easily with sweaters and cotton tees too. 

Hot Women’s Casual Fashion Looks For 2024

The clothes you see at Fashion Week aren’t usually the clothes worn by the women in your life. They’re not even worn by the fashionistas in your group either, even though they do represent current themes and general trends being followed.

Therefore, let’s discuss casual women’s fashion. What can you expect for women’s fashion in terms of casualwear for springtime and summertime in 2024? Is it the usual greens and yellows to express the freshness of those two seasons? The answer may surprise you.

The Industry Savior of 2024 for Women’s Fashion

It has been six years since Phoebe departed Celine, which led to her becoming fashion’s messiah as she now works independently in setting up the current vogue of 2024 fashion. She’s the most prominent fashion diva left standing.

Her cult status was further solidified by Gabriela Heart’s departure from Chloe and Sarah Burton’s Spring & Summer 2024 show being Alexander McQueen’s last collection from her. Hopefully, more women will end up dominating in an industry allegedly catering to them and their needs.

The Current Casual Fashion Trends for Women in 2024

Instead of getting blinded by the ostentatious extravaganza of esoteric fashion featured in fashion shows in Milan, New York, London, and Paris, you should pay attention to the themes and to the more practical fashion sets and accessories being featured.

Long story short, dresses are out and discreet chic is in. The modern woman of today should dress in the same minimalist and practical style as an architect would design an office. Muted colors and striking black and white as well as shades of gray is the order of the day.

The Excesses of the Eighties vs. The Practicality of the New Twenties

Thankfully, the Stock Market has not crashed in the 2020s, but everyone is feeling the burn of inflation even though the COVID-19 pandemic is finally on our rearview mirror and more jobs are getting filled. Prices are sky-high and the excesses of the 1980s and 1990s is but a distant memory of many a Millennial.

Today’s fashion reflects this reality, with “Minimalism” up by 46 percent as a search term in Spring & Summer 2023, which should continue to ring true in 2024. In terms of retro looks, people were seeking the grunge 1990s style more instead of the neon brightness of the 1980s.

Fashion Statements are also Political Statements

Just as women express themselves individualistically through fashion, they also do so in a societal sense. A growing number of young women are more liberal and aware of the plight of the LGBTQ+ community as well as POCs. They embrace diversity and culture through fashion as well.

The modern woman of 2024 wear dresses and pants or shirts and skirts that reflect the societal, national, or worldwide sentiment of sobering disillusionment, whether they’re Americans disillusioned by the American Dream or Europeans seeking practicality and functionality in their fashion amidst an economic downturn.

The 1990s Preppy Chic Look Is Back For Women

In the 2000s and 2010s, everyone was nostalgic about the 1970s and 1980s. Now that we’re in the middle of the 2020s, everyone misses the 1990s and early 2000s instead. Aging Gen X and Millennials are now longing for the preppy chic look in women’s fashion.

They watch cinema of the Nineties era, listen to Nineties music move from grunge angst to bubblegum pop music of girl groups and boy bands, and then remember the preppy look of everyone in the early 1990s.

The Uptick in ’90s Nostalgia

Even Millennials too young to remember the preppy chic age because they were born in the 1990s fall in love with preppy fashion through movies and TV shows of the decade.

  • A Fresh Look: The fresh preppy look can be seen in iconic shows ranging from Beverly Hills 90210 to Friends (R.I.P. to Matthew Perry, by the way). Women wearing this particular type of chic injects a sense of worry-free wistfulness, before 9-11 or even the COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • A Crisp Look and Simple Style: Preppy fashion emphasizes classic silhouettes with a simple styling. Nothing too busy and clothing layers are limited unless it’s winter fashion and you have no choice. Girls can indulge in a crisp, button-up just fine.
  • Persistent Preppy Fashion: Even as Grunge took over youth fashion with the same anti-fashion and anti-establishment attitude as punk rock before it, preppy fashion chic remained its foil or the other side of the 1990s fashion coin.
  • The Barbie Aesthetic: The billion-dollar success of the Barbie movie has also given rise to more ladylike or feminine fashion as opposed to unisex or androgynous ones. Preppy chic can be quite androgynous too, so give it a modern 2024 flair by adding femininity to it, like a bow.
  • Bows, Halters, Laces, and Pinkness: Pink or red serve as the perfect accents for the muted fashion of the preppy look. These can come in the form of bows or even ballerina fashion. Or you can hold back to keep that easy-breezy minimalist feel.
  • Muted Tones are Hip Again: Preppy fashion is partly the result of women rebelling against the ostentatious presentation of the 1980s with big hair, shoulder pads, or loud colors. Muted colors with minimalism is now in. Fewer clothing articles rule the day in 2024.
  • Less is More: With preppy looks or chic, less is more. Emulate that classic ’90s look by wearing the fresh wardrobe you’d expect someone like Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe would wear on the set of “Friends”. It’s a more practical, straight-laced, and versatile wardrobe.


Out with ’80s nostalgia and in with ’90s nostalgia. Fashion of the era went from the neon pastels of early ’90s kitsch to plaid jackets and polo shirts of the mid-’90s. However, the preppy look persisted even in the Grunge Era of music. This chic fit with many a high school girl, from Valley Girls to wannabe fashionistas and everyone in between.