A Big Deal In Womens’ Workout Styles: Crop Top Shirts

Crop tops are practical for workouts. They were a major fashion trend as recently as 3 years ago or during the middle of the pandemic. These crop top workout shirts were also around during the mid-2000s when they were being worn in dance clubs as women’s clubwear to dance the night away.

They were also around in the 1980s as one of many sexy punk styles. Madonna herself has worn her share of crop tops. In the 2020s, crop top workout shirts are the way to go for this immortal trend.

Workout Styles 101: The Crop Top

The appeal of crop tops are simple. Women wearing a shirt one size smaller than a perfect fit hugs closer to their form, thus accentuating their curves and chest. They also feature the abdomen prominently.

  • Everything’s Cropped These Days: Some people who are tired of the trend might notice that every shirt is cropped these days. It’s a look that many a woman can pull off, particularly those who wish to feature their washboard abs or the thickness of their hips and thighs.
  • Worn Mostly by Fitness Maniacs: Indeed, crop top workout shirts are mostly worn by those who are fit or getting fit. It’s because it leaves little to the imagination when it comes to a girl’s tummy or hip size. Some might prefer not to wear down if they’re self-conscious about their body.
  • It’s Also Cute Summer Clothing: The crop top is cute summer clothing because it’s able to breathe and doesn’t constrict you in any way. However, some might not prefer it in case they value more modesty over their workout clothes or even clubbing outfits.
  • Popularity When Working Out: Along with the typical aerobics getup, these crop top workout shirts are commonly worn with a sports bra to make it easier for girls to go to the gym and do their reps on the exercise machine, doing weightlifting, or practicing yoga (with yoga pants).
  • What about Wearing Them as Workout Clothes? It makes sense to wear a crop top when working out at the gym and whatnot because it’s nice and comfortable. If you’re self-conscious in what it accentuates or exposes, you can always wear some sort of elastic undershirt over it to make it “presentable”.

From Across the Board

Preppy fashion from the 1990s hearken back to things like pleated mini-skirts or even the iconic outfits of the stars of “Clueless”, Dionne and Cher. They include mid-thigh-length skirts that show off their legs and flutter as they stride through hallways due to their series of skirt folds.

In contrast, crop top workout shirts are iconic workout and exercise skirts available in 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, and so forth. They’re simple, they’re sexy, and they fit in any era, whether it’s Jennifer Beals wearing them for the movie “Flashdance” or dancers wearing them for the music video of “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz.