Women’s Workout Outfits That Make a Fashion Statement

What better way to start Summer 2024 than by putting on a stylish yet functional workout set, along with maybe fulfilling your resolution to get fit back at the start of the year? However, if you’re anything like us, exercising and sportswear go hand-in-hand.

Some even claim that donning the greatest athletic apparel available on the market ignites motivation. So let’s discuss the hottest women’s workout outfits and fits available for summertime!

The Newest Trends of Workout Womenswear

With new trends in fitness emerging every day—from dance and barre to cult favorites like boot camps and spin classes—the world of fitness can seem overwhelming. What should you wear for which class?

  • Different Uniforms for Different Classes: The type of fitness regimen will help dictate the different women’s workout outfits you should choose for them. Some fitness trends, like yoga, has their coinciding uniform in the form of yoga pants and spandex plus crop tops.
  • Comfortable Clothes for Freedom of Movement: You want to wear something super comfy and non-constrictive to give you freedom of movement while also looking good while working out. Pick out some slouchy socks from Skims and a cap-sleeve sports bra by Live.
  • Which Specific Brands Should You Get? There are also plenty of options brand-wise, ranging from more recent activewear labels like Girlfriend Collective to more established names like Nike and Adidas. They have outfit sets that do the picking for you.
  • Walking and Running as well as Yoga: Are you going for a walk or a run? A stylish option is a set from Tory Sport. There’s also Alo Yoga’s matching bra and leggings are perfect for hitting downward dogs and cobras when you’re trying to find your zen at yoga.
  • From Pilates to HIT Classes: Wear a matching bra and bike shorts (like shorts from Outdoor Voices) to the stylish pilates class. Don’t forget your grip socks. For high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes like spin and bootcamps, where the heart rate is high, sweat-resistant materials and a matching track jacket are ideal.
  • Shabby Chic Options for Workout Womenswear? You can get away with a worn-out crop top if you have some sportswear underneath, like spandex and long leggings for that aerobics class look. You don’t need to pay thousands more for fashion in addition to your gym membership fees.

Getting into the Nitty-Gritty

Shop for fitness womenswear that specifically coincides with the season. For example, last Winter 2023, you were all about finding your favorite ski brands’ puffer goggles and other slope-friendly apparel.

The hardest part is done once you’ve chosen your daily workout. After you’ve reserved a spot in the class, the enjoyable part starts: getting dressed. What should you wear as far as workout outfits are concerned? Get the insider’s guide to fashion and shopping recommendations right here.

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