Metallic Gold Outfits: Making Casual Look Classy

In 2024, get ready to stun everybody with metallics as it takes the fashion limelight these days. Along with sequins and everything shimmering, metallic gold outfits are spot on. Get ready to feel more confident and voguish with these casual but classy fashion ideas. 

  • Choose a handbag that matches your shoes. 

Twinning may be a styling trick that many people do for decades. But, believe it or not, it still works impeccably. If you want to look and feel better in your casual outfits, all you have to do is add two gold pieces – a handbag and a pair of shoes. 

  • Pair metallic trousers with a casual denim jacket.  

A dark denim jacket and metallic trousers combo is a must-try. Saying that it is an alluring combo is an understatement. All you have to do is keep your shoes, top, and accessories simple. Your metallic trousers should own the spotlight. 

  • Opt for shades of beige when wearing metallic gold.

Wearing gold during the day is not as effortless as wearing silver. But, gold is a show stopper when paired with warm brown, white, and beige. If you are a bit hesitant about it, start small. Grab a gold statement clutch that goes with your ordinary outfit.     

  • Add a metallic statement piece on your casuals.

If you decide to wear a metallic top, be sure to pair it with a contrasting bottom. But, if you are a fashion newbie,  work on texture first by adding an accent piece. A metallic corset is a good start.  

  • Style sequins with a cozy overcoat.

In fashion, opposites attract. The sparkling glam of a sequined dress or midi skirt can be balanced out by a comfortable knit. Accessorize with a handbag and black pumps to look fancy. 

  • Know the “bold with bold” rule. 

To make your metallic pair of boots stand out without losing balance, match it with equally bold pieces. Wear dark-colored pants, or tops with busy patterns. All these pieces make the boots blend seamlessly with the overall outfit. 

  • Try a gold or silver lame’ in place of sequins.

If you don’t feel like wearing a sequined dress for casual days, try gold or silver lame’. As a fabric that interweaves metallic threads, lame’ has a more delicate shine as compared to sequins. It makes you feel less bold and understated. Unlike leather and sequins, it can be paired easily with sweaters and cotton tees too.